Our primary commitment at Klinkle is to grow our catalog of free videos aimed to help the small business community with online business growth and development.

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The Klinkle Simple Seven is our way of providing an immediate web presence to small business owners for the cost of a couple lattes. Learn more…

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Getting started online requires tools — many tools. (Most are free; a few are not.) There is a lot to know, and here is the reference source our team depends on.

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Understanding the sort of web presence you need before getting started with a web build ought to be a priority. Would you plan to build a home without doing some fieldwork on the foundation? The materials best suited for the region? The size of the home you’ll need come three to five years from now?

Well, a web presence is really no different. Understanding what your goals are, what your best competitors are doing, and the series of goals you need to reach in order to turn your website into a small business revenue source is paramount BEFORE beginning.

Web Presence Needs Videos:

Business reality can be a pain for those who approach their business with unrealistic hopes. Hope is wonderful for children on Christmas morning. Hope has no place in business building.

A realistic marketing game plan requires an understanding of both the costs of acquiring customers/clients, and the revenue these clients/customers can deliver.

Of course there’s a dramatic difference between the cost of branding and direct marketing — the latter being far easier to quantify, while the former is far more valuable to a business owner long term. (Never mind the fact that ‘branding’ should be a goal of every business owner.) Spend some time evaluating your costs before jumping in head first with your hard-earned cash.

SEO is, for many small business owners, the primary method for traffic generation. In many niche markets, the cost of a traffic is extremely high. Corporate entities as well as big players who cover large regions combined traffic at reduced costs, and this drives up the performance requirements for small business sites.

However, search engine optimization can be done by any small business owner, and it can be done even more effectively when considering the engagement he or she is able to make with the community he or she understands.

SEO Videos:

Of course SEO is not the only way to generate traffic. The fastest way to generate traffic to your site is, without a doubt, the use of paid search. Google’s Adwords console is probably the most heavily used medium for paid search, but in truth you can utilize paid search through a handful of consoles that will definitely lead to traffic streams greater than you can ever imagine.

Paid Search Videos:

Branding a small business ought to be the goal of just about every serious business owner who has long-term plans within the niche. Branding effectively rewards a small business owner with marketing results that are, after some time, driven by word of mouth as well as subconscious understanding.

Branding Videos:

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Outsourcing remains a highly attractive way to develop web properties as well as marketing properties in order to further the development of a company’s message. Your company as a message. The more people who hear it within your community (however big or small the community is), the better off your bottom line will be. Using people and services abroad who are very talented and are able to work for very competitive wages on the global market gives you an advantage to develop marketing materials with reduced costs.

Outsourcing Videos:

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DIY Web Development Videos:

Outside of outsourcing, the most efficient way to generate marketing materials online is to learn how to do much of the work yourself. Our DIY Development videos show you just how you can create your own web properties, and do so in a way that is relatively easy and requires only a small learning curve.

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Small Business Development Online

There are essentially two different arenas that an individual must understand in order to have any success online. An individual does not necessarily need to be proficient in each of these, never mind any of these, but he or she needs to understand what goes into each of these areas in order to monitor the expanse that is online development.
The web is a potentially very useful for any small business owner who is looking to relay the message of his service or product to the greater community. However, the web is also a place where a decent understanding is necessary in order to facilitate a realistic approach.

Many new business owners and even business owners who have been in business for some time or fearful of the net. Horror stories abound. Web designers overcharging; SEO experts claiming to offer the world; paid search money dumps… the learning curve that is developing a small business marketing platform on the web is simply a challenge, and unfortunately too many small business owners make the mistake of entering the arena without a grounded understanding of what needs to be done in order to facilitate a healthy realistic marketing approach.

Web Design

Web design ought to be very cheap. Anyone is paying thousands of dollars for web design in this day and age is more than likely overspending. There is no way to get around this very simple fact. We here at Klinkle have the Klinkle Simple Seven, a web development option for seven dollars a month. This includes web creation, domain registration, and hosting. Ours is certainly not the only affordable website solution out there.

Sources such as Themeforest and Odesk make it tall task of having web content created for cheap about as easy as possible.

If you do not go with a web solution that handles all of the elements for you, you’ll need to register your own domain and host those files on your own. We have a resource page that highlights some of our favorite hosting providers.


Once you have your website up and go, the fact is the only thing left to do is to market your website. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, and it does require a comprehensive understanding of either SEO or paid search.

Search engine optimization is the creation and development of web content done in a way that provides your site a healthy response would search engines such as Google.

Paid search is a more immediate response approach allows you to pay for clicks to your website that target a particular demographic you’re looking to serve with either your product or service.

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