Web Presence Needs.

Your web presence, if you are a small business owner, includes a handful of basics. Of course you will need a domain, hosting, a website, and some sort of content; but more importantly you need a marketing plan that systematically addresses all of the obstacles that inevitably stand in the way of where you are and where you want to be.

Web Presence Basics

Building to Lead

One thing that is being lost on a lot of people who get involved in the small business arena is that in many ways technology has done the opposite of what it claims to have done — which is to level the field. Would it truly is doing is creating a zero sum games out of just about every sort of business.

When we say zero sum games, we mean that these games or these competitions are simply won out. Individuals or companies who are able to lead online are more often than not demanding a huge amount of market share, even within particular regions. We are seeing this in many industries, particularly those where a sales force team of employees can arm and individual or small business and allow them to extend their reach with relative ease.

If you intend to build any web presence that is legitimate, consider the complications and demands of being involved in a zero-sum game.

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