Search engine optimization is the tall task of creating web content on pages within your website in a way that both satisfies your user, the reader or individual who engages with whatever sort of content you create, as well as the search engines. A search engine is basically a tool that analyzes data (in this case images and character-based text) and utilizes a large number of factors in order to rank webpages for respective terms. Google’s search engine algorithm is considered to be the best on the market, and for this reason Google has solidified its place atop all search engine companies. Currently, the other big competitors are Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube. Of course YouTube is a video search engine, and many of the YouTube pages actually rank within the Google search engine index. (For those of you unfamiliar, YouTube is owned by Google.)


SEO Breakdown

The table of content above links directly to pages that satisfy specific aspects of optimizing a website. For those of you unfamiliar with where it is you should start, it probably makes no sense to simply create content that speaks to the visitors you imagine will arrive to your site. Of course you want to do is based on keyword analysis. Do not make the mistake of bothering to create content without doing keyword analysis before you begin creating pages. The website should primarily be built to rank pages (if you are doing SEO) for terms that command regular traffic. The mistake of creating content for terms that do not demand regular traffic is a common pitfall for beginners often make.

To Build for Search Engines or for Users?

This question above is a very difficult question to answer. Many people will say, particularly those who work for Google, that you should only build content for users and not worry about the search engines. Unfortunately, Google’s algorithm is not a semantic algorithm which means that it is not able to understand the value of the content that you create. It is only able to read the characters and links pointing towards the page in its effort to rank pages for particular terms. If you blindly build a website with content without ever bothering to consider any keyword analysis you truly would have to be a spectacular writer who is able to tap into the collective consciousness of your demographic in order to truly generate regular visits. Klinkle is an educational program for small business owners, and for the most part, we are not designing educational supplements for everyday bloggers who just happen to be interested in writing about their thoughts.

Our website is designed to aid small business owner who is looking to develop a marketing plan around online development. We clearly believe that there needs to be a blend of consideration when building a website. The small business owner needs to address both the search engine and the user of the website in order to best fulfill his or her needs in creating a valuable Web property that generates clients or customers.

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