Social Media.

Social media is a somewhat murky marketing realm that leaves a large number of small business owners shaking their heads. The reason for the general dismay at time spent with social media is that the traffic, which is certainly difficult to come by, is certainly not anywhere near as highly responsive as sources such as Google. When people are in “social media” mood as web surfers, they, more often than not, are just cruising around, and for that reason the traffic response can be very poor.

On top of that, engagement with social media is a challenge because it does take time to manage those different social sites and work them into your small business marketing.

But we have some really nice tools that we’ve found (all free) that will help you fuse social interaction without taking up too much time or costing you a dollar.

Essential Social Media Sites And Tools Meant To Ease/Supplement Your Engagement

Direct Marketing or Branding?

Social sites are mistakenly thought of as direct response areas, and unfortunately, for most small business owners, social media is hardly a direct marketing response venue.

It is a far better brand building tool than a social media tool, and the wisest of professionals who utilize social media do so with an understanding that works with this basic tenet in mind. Brand building through social media is easy because with regular use of the tools out there you can be seen, in little time, as either:

  • A member of your community who stays up on the news of the region
  • Or a member of your profession who keeps up on all the industry changes

It’s through uses such as these that social media grows your brand, be it your personal brand or your product/service brand.

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