Paid Search.

Paid search is a way to generate clicks (visits to your website) based on user experience with search engines. Let’s imagine that you are a lawyer in Chicago. Let’s further imagine that you are a divorce attorney in Chicago, that your specialty is family practice. You could build a simple, yet attractive website for starters, and then spend an hour or so looking up all the terms that get traffic that are potentially terms future clients would use to search someone like yourself… and then import those terms into a platform (Adwords is Google’s Paid Search Platform) that allows you to serve and ad to these searchers every time that term is typed in to a specific search engines search bar.

Paid Search Videos:

Improving Your Paid Performance

Of course, these visitors can come at a high cost, particularly in realms where large sums of money can be generated from clients or customers. Of course both the legal arena as well as the medical arena for two of the most expensive areas to generate paid search. Other highly expensive areas include high-end service work and insurance quotes.

Thankfully, before you get started with any paid search campaign, you can do plenty of due diligence and decide whether or not the cost per click is too high for your budget. It is imperative that you generate traffic to your website because if your website lacks any traffic, your advertising is essentially going to waste. The engagement between your advertising and your potential client base is imperative. Paid search is one way to generate traffic. Search engine optimization is another way to generate traffic.

Whatever the case, make certain that you, as you plan out a long-term marketing plan for your online web development, understand the value of marketing in the value of continuing to chisel away at the overall expense and labor it takes to generate user behavior while, at the same time, continually developing and improving your advertising (website properties) so that your conversion rate grows, and your cost per lead or cost per customer acquisition decreases.

Paid search is without a doubt the fastest way to generate traffic. With a comprehensive understanding of all the potential pitfalls (trust us, there are plenty), a small business owner could potentially get customers/clients within hours of having his or her site live.

The following videos tough on the basics of paid search. Make sure that you dabble with a firm understanding of what you’re doing. Most importantly, understand budget, keyword click costs, and the fact that Google has enough traffic to spend all the money you have in a handful of hours.

Paid search demands highly efficient traffic or very cheap traffic in bulk (otherwise known as arbitrage.) Spend some time learning the basics, and then dabble responsibly. Very few people come out of the gate successful. The key is to find terms that generate revenue, cut the fat, and then start generating more keywords to test.

Human beings are creatures of behavior. That behavior is statistically reliable. Once you find a keyword that converts at a profitable margin, you will more than likely be able to manage that traffic source for net profits for foreseeable future.

At the end of the day, click costs scare away a large portion of newbies from the paid search arena. Keep in mind that there is a reason those clicks are what they are. There are real human beings behind those searches, and the phrases/keywords they are using as they search the web allows you to get inside the psychology of the searcher.

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