Domain and Hosting

It all starts here. Without a domain or hosting, you don’t exist online. The following three providers stand out (from our experience. We currently use each for different products.)


Design matters, to some degree. Craigslist proves that it doesn’t matter us much as most people think. But good design can definitely improve user engagement.

  • 99designs — Designers Bid for Your Job with Completed Work
  • Odesk — Allow Designers to Bid for Work
  • Fiverr — Just As It Sounds — Simple Tasks


Well, you can’t do it all; and even if you could, you probably woudn’t want to try.

  • Odesk — Programming and design of all levels
  • Fiverr — Cheap and simple task management
  • Textbrokers — Content based on ratings system. High quality copywriters here!


Our rule of thumb for e-commerce sites is seen below.

  • WordPress (Themeforest E-commerce Themes) — Sites with less than 40 products
  • Magento — Sites with more than 40 products


Links. Well, until the web becomes truly semantic you’ll likely continue to need them. They are a pain to generate, and Guest Posts

  • Blog Comments
  • Forum Engagement
  • Internal Links
  • Web 2.0s
  • Quality Directories
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