Hey there, this is the Klinkle Simple $7.
Hand-crafted WORDPRESS Websites that include Web Design, Hosting, Domain Registration, and Copywriting!

(Or choose from any of the other AMAZING Premium Themes at Themeforest.net)


How We Compare to the Competition!


    • Non-Wordpress Based
    • Copywriting NOT Included
    • Site Creation Included
    • Promo Pricing Only for First Month
    • Limited Templates

    • WordPress Based
    • Copywriting Included
    • Site Creation Included
    • Initiation Fee + $7/mo
    • Over 5,000 Advanced Templates



Three Elements that Define Us!


Incredibly Flexible

The sites we build our clients are all built on a Premium WordPress theme. Your site can be up and ready in less than five days!
The Klinkle Seven = easy, honest, and fast!

Mobile Responsive

Well, it is the age of mobile, and all of our sites are built to function mobile responsively! Whether with us or someone else, please make sure your business site is mobile responsive.

Business Proven

The beauty of Klinkle is that you’re not getting a site from web designers, you’re getting a site from business consultants who happen to be good at efficient business building.

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“So How Does Klinkle Work?”


Klinkle Basic
    • $69 Initiation + $7/mo
    • NO CONTRACT(Cancel at Any Time)
    • Copywriting Included
    • 3 Page Site Creation Included
    • Our WordPress Template

Klinkle Premium
    • $299 Initiation + $7/mo
    • NO CONTRACT(Cancel at Any Time)
    • Copywriting Included
    • 3 Page Site Creation Included
    • Your Choice of Over 5,000 WordPress Templates


Three Example Uses of “Our WordPress Template” As Mentioned in the Klinkle Basic


Time for Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Simple Seven Intended to Serve?

We believe there are two types of small business owners out there who own websites. The first, and probably the most successful (at least online) are those who take on small business development for their particular business that includes regular content creation, blogging, social media engagement, content sharing, etc.

The second is the professional who simply wants a website up so that when people are referred to his or her business, these potential clients are able to reference Google and will find the site in the search engine. This business professional is the sort of person who is unsure whether or not he wants to take the all that needs to be learned in order to be successful online.

He may just want to focus its marketing energy off-line, or perhaps just run an efficient paid search campaign, but still understands that simple things like attaching your website to Google Places and Yelp makes all the sense in the world.

Okay, let’s say I get started with a Klinkle site, but then Down the Road Decide to Make Changes. Will my Klinkle Website Allow Me to Make Changes?


What if I Already have the Domain and Hosting?

Well, then we’ll need to see what sort of site you have up, the amount of content you want to keep, etc. Your best bet is to reach out to us with your site.

What if I Already Have the Domain but Lack Hosting?

Then your best bet is to probably go to Bluehost (unbelievably affordable) or InMotion Hosting (highly affordable, with the best customer service around) and grab the most affordable quality hosting package on the market. Keep in mind, you can always have files moved. You don’t need a site that’s just getting started placed on its own server unless you are hitting this thing with a ton of time and energy. It’s almost always best to scale server needs when traffic makes demands.

What if I Already Have My Own Logo? Can You Guys Include that On Whatever Theme I Choose?

Yep, it shouldn’t be a problem.

How Does the Klinkle Simple Seven Compare to Web.com’s or 1and1.com’s Site Builders?


First of all, we at the Klinkle build the entire site. Those others require a learning curve. Also, Klinkle sites are built on the world’s most popular open source CMS (content management system) — that being WordPress. As a result you have access to thousand of plugins, and probably what amounts to tens of thousands of themes, etc. You can do pretty much anything with a WordPress site. Notice that when you head over to Themeforest that they don’t bother making themes for Godaddy. Designers make WordPress themes because WordPress is THE open source CMS for the web.

Is Klinkle Good for an E-commerce Site?

No. If you are interested in starting an E-commerce site, we suggest one of two things.

  1. If under forty products, go to Themeforest and find a quality WordPress E-commerce theme, then grab a VPS at Knownhost (E-commerce sites generally require more server space than shared hosting environs offer), and get going either on your own or with the help of a well-rated professional at Odesk.
  2. If over forty products you should probably consider Magento, and use an Odesk professional to get you up and going. You’ll almost certainly need a VPS if using Magento.

How Do I Get Started with the Klinkle Seven?

Simply reach out to us and request a starter package. You’ll need to answer a few questions, and we find it better to start up the dialogue through an email so that our designers and copywriters have a single source to reference when building begins.

How Quick is the Turnaround?

Five business days, at most!

Any other questions… just reach out to us at your convenience. We’re here to help the small business community!

Otherwise let’s get you started!

Request a Starter Package!

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